Becky from Lincoln (Kinder & Wispa, Springadors) Sept 2014 " Wow! It's amazing! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, thank you so much xx" This portrait was a present from from a friend Jo who said " Julie this is stunning. Becky phoned me in great excitement, Thank you for making our special gift to our friends so wonderful x "

Gary from Lincoln ( Willow,Bernese) Sept 2014 "Thank you so much. it's incredible, I love it and I'm sure Julie will too".

Helen from Lincoln (Bailey , Westie/Springer/Terrier cross) , October 2014  " Omg ! That is absolutely amazing.It made me and my daughter cry. You really have captured him well. Thanks so much Julie you are amazing ". The portrait was a present for Christmas for Helen's husband.  "Just to let you know my husband Dean absolutely loves his portrait of Bailey.He is hung on the wall taking  pride of place in our lounge. Thank you so much for helping to make this a Christmas to remember x".

Wendy from Lincoln (Charlie, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)  November 2014 "My  daughter's reaction to seeing the picture of her sadly missed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was just what we expected , she burst into tears.She was so pleased with it, it has caught his personality better than one photo could do on its own. Thank you". Jessica wrote  " I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the portrait of Charlie, it was a surprise present from mum for my birthday. It made me cry when I opened it because of how well it captured so much of Charlie's essence,I keep expecting him to woof and walk out of the frame wanting some chicken roll. It has taken pride of place in my room so I can see him always. Thank you so much he may be gone but will never be forgotten because of your amazing portrait. Thank you! x"

Nicky from Lincoln ( Beryl and Merlin, English Pointer's) December 2014  The portraits were a surprise wedding present from work colleagues " Julie thank you so much for the stunning works of art! I am blown away as is Clive.You have completely captured them , you clever lady! Can't wait to get them framed and up on the wall! Love love love them!Thank you so very much xxx"

Sue from Lincoln (Paddy and Maisie, Jack Russell and Maltese) December 2014  "I just wanted to say how thrilled Rebecca was with her picture. Her face lit up.Dave and Matt thought it was 'amazing'and so does everyone else who has seen it over the last day or so".

Llyn from Lincoln (Molly , German Shepherd and Beau , Flat Coated Retriever) December 2014 ​" What an excellent job Julie on the portraits of Molly and Beau.  It was really quite emotional seeing them again, it's like having them both back home again where they belong. You certainly have a unique talent, Thank you."

Caroline from Lincoln (Max, Lurcher) February 2015 " Fantastic portrait by a talented artist of my beloved Max who we sadly lost at the age of 16. The picture will be a constant reminder of my beloved best friend."

Karen from Lincoln (Edward and Tori, Daschunds) March 2015 " Aww you've captured Edward and Tori beautifully. Absolutely love it thanks so much".

Becky from Sleaford (Molly, Sprollie) April 2015 " Hi just wanted to let you know my nan absolutely loved the portrait, she was absolutely over the moon with it , thanks again".

Paul from Peterborough ( Leika and Mika (cat) May 2015 " Excellent job Julie, you really captured Leika's stare".

Gina from Essex ( Oscar ) May 2015 "Omg Julie it's amazing, thank you sooooo much .   I want to stroke him it's so life like. You've done a fab job . Thank you , thank you , we are all so pleased with it , it will take pride of place at home".

Rachel from Lincoln (Molly, Short Haired German Pointer) July 2015 " We are so pleased Julie , thank you ".

Roy and Angela , Essex ( Covert Love, Horse ) September 2015 " Superb ! Really good likeness".

Sophie from Lincoln ( Clancy , Horse ) October 2015 ​" I LOVE the picture, it's such a fantastic likeness and absolutely beautiful, thank you so much. I'll treasure it ".

Victoria from Lincoln ( Sausage, Cat) November2015 "Oh wow!!! It is absolutely fabulous..I am thrilled with it".

Vicky from Essex ( Helena , 2 poses Rhodesian Ridgeback) December 2015 " Aw Julie. I don't know what to say! I'm speechless! They are perfect. It really looks like 'her' which I know is a weird thing to say! You've captured her beautifully. Thank you."  " I gave the portraits to my brother and parents for Christmas , they were absolutely delighted with them. When I originally had the idea of getting portraits done, I don't think I had any idea that we would also see her personality so clearly - the portraits are so unmistakably her, it's remarkable. I couldn't stop looking at them. Thank you again !"

Victoria from Lincoln ( Winston, Black Cat) January 2016 "Wow...that is brilliant and exactly him. Richard is absolutely thrilled with the portraits of Sausage and Winston. We would love our other cats to be done too please".

Pat from Huddersfield ( Dexter, Black Labrador ) January 2016  " Hi Julie, it looks amazing , you are very talented lady. thank you so much for doing it ."

Lena from Lincoln ( Happy & Havoc, Hounds) February 2016 "The portraits look fantastic! How you manage to get their individual features is amazing and so good. I am so pleased and very grateful."

Neil from Lincoln  ( Sky, German WiredHaired Pointer) March 2016 "Wow Julie, I absolutely love it. Thank you so very much. It's like you have managed to capture her perfectly, including her cheeky personality; how do you do that!"

Michael from Lincoln ( Pumpkin & Charlie, German Shepherds ) May 2016 "we love it. it is in pride of place in the hall. Once again thank you."

Nicky from Lincoln ( Beth &Inka) June 2016 " Beth absolutely loved the pic !!!She cried! thank you so much."


Louise from Lincoln (Moss, Pointer) Jan 2014 "Oh my gosh, its AMAZING!!!!  I have just shown my mum & dad, its amazing :-)))). i'm so excited, love it!!!


Wendy from Stranraer (Meg & Zen, Bay Horses) Feb 2014 "I gave Dave the drawing, he gasped and then nearly cried, he LOVES IT xxx. I then showed Zen to him and he said how brilliant the likeness was on both of them, he says its like having Meg in the house, he is also proud you put Meg on your business cards, thanks again"   

Gill from Sheffield (G, Caspian Arabian Cross Horse ) March 2014 " Oh it's beautiful!Brilliant!Thank you. It's unbelievable, it made my heart melt it's so beautiful. Thank you so much! Melissa will love this when we give it to her."

Lucie from Grantham  (Joey,Cocker Spaniel) April 2014  "I have just seen the painting for the first time and gasped . It is perfect , thank you so much.  Can't believe how you have captured not only his likeness but also his character".

Kirsty from Coventry (Molly, Beagle) June 2014 "Wow, I picked it up late last night and just 'wow'! The photo you sent me was amazing but it really doesn't do the portrait justice, it is the best thing I have seen, I am now looking forward to getting it up on the wall.The eyes look real. Thank you so much xx".

Sammi from Lincoln (Bracken , Labrador) June 2014 "Oh my! It is wonderful!! Thankyou,I absolutely love it and you've captured my girl just perfectly,thanks so much. Wouldn't change a thing."

Sue from Lincoln (Max, Bay Horse ) July 2014 ​"Thank you so much for the wonderful portrait of Max. It is superb - not only have you captured his features you have also managed to portray his personality too. We are very grateful and very impressed too!"

Rachel from Lincoln (Enzo, Weimaraner) July 2014 " This was done as a portrait for my best friends 40th, she absolutely loved it, saying you had captured him perfectly down to his greying muzzle and slight cross eyes! Thank you so much Julie".

Kerry from Barnsley (Maddison and Molly) , August 2014 ​"OMG it's beautiful!! Neil's going to love it.... (tears in my eyes), thank you so much xxx".




Gemma from Lincoln ( Pip, Dachshund ) December 2016 " Oh Julie this is just amazing! I absolutely love it-thank you so so much. It has captured Pip perfectly ❤️ it actually bought a tear to my eye as it is so lifelike and just 'so Pip'. All the details, even down to his paws and his speckly chest are just perfect. Simon will absolutely love it. I can't stop looking at it! I've just shown it to mum and she says it's stunning. You are so talented. It will take pride of place in our house xx

Alison from Lincoln ( Oscar, Spaniel) March 2017 "Oh wow!!! Julie it's absolutely fabulous...Honestly it's perfect and Kerry will love it. Thank you so much :-)"

Steve & Karen from Lincoln ( Smelly Boy ,Northern Inuit & Lu -Lu , Collie) May 2017  "Hi Julie, quite simply!! I'm astonished they are so good and a true likeness of their character .Please go ahead and finalise it's fantastic I'm gob smacked . Steve . "            "Just a message to say a HUGE thank you . The portrait you have done is stunning and something to treasure . Thank you ever so much you made my birthday . Karen xx "

James from Lincoln ( Honey,  Mixed Breed )June 2017 ​"That's brilliant thanks. I'm more than happy with it."

Milly  from Barnsley (Ben , Mixed Breed ) October 2017  " Oh my word it's beautiful , so detailed and so Ben . He passed away 10 years ago , now I feel like I still have him with me every day , thank you "

Janet, Lincoln ( Susie, Border Terrier) October 2017 " It's lovely , just like her ".

Dave  , Essex  ( Jessie, Spaniel ) December 2017  "Wow Julie, Its fantasticVicki will love it . It looks exactly like her , its the spitting image of her , thank you very much". 

Chloe, Lincoln ( Ralphie  & Brown Dog , Mini Labradoodles ) December 2017. " I'd just like to thank you again for the amazing portrait you did of my two mini labradoodles. The picture was even better than I imagined ie& my partner ( his Christmas present ) really did love it. The portrait is like a photograph! And the detail and colour is exact. Thank you so much, you have an amazing talent."

Olly, Lincoln ( Cats  Lu-lu & Tristana ) Dec 2017. Present for his mum, " They're amazing , thank you so much".​

Karen, Lincoln ( Ellie, Black Labrador & Boxer ) January 2018 . Present for a friends birthday ." Wow she's going to LOVE it . It's fabulous . Donna will cry when she sees it "

Gary from Cawthorn (Bruno, German Shorthaired Pointer) October 2016​ "Perfect Julie , looks great. Awesome".

Lena from Lincoln ( Dotty & Truffle , Jack Russel and Weimaraner) November 2016 "Thank you so much for sending me a picture of the dog portraits. They are truely amazing. I am so pleased with them. My youngest son saw the Email and said they are fantastic!.
He said " ask her how she does it, to make it look so much like them!".I think that shows that they pass with full marks!. Thank you so much.